Course Description

Using theory instruction, Erik’s training includes a operator manual for reference.  An overview of WCB regulations as well as the knowledge of basic operating rules and principles is discussed to enforce the necessity of safe lift truck operation. 

A prior, to usage inspection.

The course offers plenty of driving time with an emphasis on smooth manueuvering techniques.

Both theory and practical tests provided to assure certification.

Course Outline
1. Introduction
2. In Class Theory Portion
3. Theory Test
4. Pre Trip Inspection
5. Driving, Techniques, Rules and Regulations
6. Operating and Driving
7. Practical Test




Specializing in Forklift training certification and
re-certification for:

  • Pallet Jack

  • Narrow Aisle

  • Individuals must be competent in operating a powered industrial truck, after successfully completing a training program which involves theory and practical test.